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Sprouted in India thousands of years back, Vedic Astrology, refers to the study of placement of heavenly bodies such as Mars, Jupiter, Moon and Sun to name a few with regard to the zodiac signs and the effect that these bodies have the country or individual on earth. If you are wondering about the reasons why it is known as vedic astrology then it is important for you to know that the principles on which vedic study is conducted were first found in Vedas.

Professionals who read astrological charts are known as Vedic Astrologer. People, today, are more dependent on such charts so that their lives can run smoothly. If you are one amongst those individuals who is thinking the reason for turning to this form of astrology when there is easy availability to horoscope readings from newspapers and websites then read on.

An introduction to Vedic Astrology

Popularly and commonly known as Jyotish astrology, Vedic astrology, has been here since ages. Going by what studies have to suggest, it has been present much before the Christian times that is about 5,000 years ago. The folktale suggests that it was Hindi God Krishna who gave vast body of knowledge called Vedas to Rishis or Sages. This vast body, in turn, emerged as the fundamentals of Vedic thinking and teachings.

It was during that period that Indian astrology gained immense popularity that even Western as well as Eastern parts of the globe were influenced by it. Whether it is Chinese, Greeks, Babylonians, Romans or Persians, astrologers from all over the world have integrated some parts of Vedic teachings into the astrology readings of their country. Western Vs. Vedic Astrology

Contrary to Indian astrology is Western astrology that is the blend of several old systems being used by the Greeks as well as Romans at that time? There are researches and studies conducted that support the beliefs that some parts of western astrology might have been influenced by Vedic astrology. Advantages of seeking professional help from vedic astrologer

It was the uninterrupted as well as virtuous teachings of Indian astrology that made it one of the most consistent sources of guidance as well as direction for people from all parts of the world. The fact that there lies is some truth in the Vedic teachings that made it so fascinating and reliable in comparison to all other systems or branches of astrology. In addition to this, the readings of Vedic astrologers are directly related to the Vedic philosophy principles making it the more respectable astrology forms. If you are looking for Vedic Astrology in Delhi then you have plenty of options to choose from. Vedic Astrologer in Delhi can help you understand your astrology chart and suggest you the right way for better life.

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Astrologer Pankaj Khanna is based in SouthWest Delhi, India. He has earned name as renowned astrologer not only in Delhi, India but all over the world. He has amassed over 25 years of practical experience in the field of spirituality, Vedic astrology and allied science.

Pankaj Khanna learnt astrology as a hobby around the age of 14 years. At the age of 21 years, to polish his skills, he lived in the ashram of Swami Atmanand Saraswati in Narendranagar in Garwal Himalayas. Under the holy guidance of his Guru he mastered the art and science of Astrology, Palmistry, Yoga and other areas of Hindu thought.

He has gathered lot of experience about Vedic astrology. This system has its roots in ancient India. This system is said to have originated over thousands years back. Over the years, many clients have consulted Celebrity Astrologer Pankaj who guided them to succeed in their pursuit. Some of the services he offers include: preparing and reading horoscopes, for counseling about various issues related to career, Finance, Business, Property buying, selling, how to score over competitors, relationships, Kundali Analysis, Kundali Predictions, love, Marriage, Match making, issues in marital life and so on. Since 1986, Mr. Khanna has been doing self study and practicing astrology as a profession. Mr. Khanna has catered to a diverse clientele from different economic, social, religious and regional strata. Mr. Khanna has had the privilege of working as an in-house Astrologer with Taj Mahal Hotel (Taj Group of Hotels), New Delhi and with ITC Maurya Sheraton (Welcome Group), New Delhi.

Mr. Khanna has also appeared in approximately 100 episodes of Star Plus program ‘Meri Sehali’ and 60 episodes of E TV program ‘Nari’, where he educated the masses about the various astrological concepts and products. Apart from television he has also been widely covered by numerous TV channels including, CNBC, Star News and by national Newspapers like The Hindustan Times and The Times of India

Even though having immense skill and experience, renowned astrologer Pankaj Khanna believes in the regular improvement of his knowledge by attending new seminars, new courses and training programs. He has become a household name and has served people from many walks of life, helping them with various kinds of problems. His many years of practice have built him a reputation of delivering accurate predictions for all types of situation and perfect solutions to all kind of problem one comes with. CONTACT US page.